Keeping Divorce From Impacting Your Children

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When you have children and are getting divorced in Colorado, the first question that you ask is how to keep the process from hurting the children. It is not possible to completely eliminate the effect that a divorce will have on the children, but you are able to mitigate the impact.

Keep rules in place

Maintaining some normalcy during the divorce is essential for the children. They should still have a structure, even if their normal routine has been disrupted. Parents should still make sure that they have and enforce rules for their children. Even if the other parent does not have similar rules, you should communicate them to children ahead of time. Moreover, you should not try to outdo the other parent in trying to be the “fun parent.” Children will know how to manipulate that to their own advantage.

Regular communication is important

Even if you are not quite feeling well yourself, it is vital that you are there for the children. You should periodically check in with them to see how they are doing and make yourself available to talk. Your children may not always tell you when they are bothered by something, and they may not want to impose on you. Therefore, it is important that you are proactive. However, the one thing that you should never communicate to them is negative sentiments about the other parent. That will force the children to choose sides.

One way to free yourself up to be able to focus on the children during the divorce process is to hire a child custody attorney. Parents are often overwhelmed with details and life changes and are not able to concentrate on their parenting duties. The attorney could draft court filings and work on negotiating a divorce settlement. When you have to do that on your own, it is stressful. Your lawyer may also help you avoid litigation and move the divorce towards a settlement.

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