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When you decide to leave your relationship, your first consideration often turns to the impact this will have on your child or children. 

At The Law Office of Stephan E. Uslan in Denver, Steve understands how complicated working out the details of parenting responsibilities and parenting time arrangements can be. That's why our Denver child custody lawyer provides compassionate child custody and visitation services for parents in Denver, Colorado. 

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How Is Child Custody Determined in Colorado?

Unlike other states, Colorado doesn’t utilize joint or sole custody in terms of custody arrangements. Rather, it identifies child custody as parental responsibilities, which may include visitation or “parenting time," who the child resides with, and major life decisions. 

These are determined based on what is in the best interest of the child or children. In order to help navigate through this process, it’s recommended you consult with our top rated child custody attorney serving Denver, Colorado.

Some parenting factors that may influence parental responsibilities and child custody include:

  • What the wishes of the child or children are
  • What the wishes of the parents are
  • How the child or children adjusts or performs in their current school arrangements or home life 
  • What the relationships are between the parents, children, siblings, or other family members 
  • How close or far the parents are physically 
  • How the parents interact with one another and their behavior

Understanding Parenting Plans in Child Custody Cases

When it comes to child custody cases, it is important to have a clear and comprehensive parenting plan in place. A parenting plan outlines the rights and responsibilities of each parent, as well as the schedule for visitation and decision-making for the child. 

Our experienced child custody attorneys at The Law Office of Stephan E. Uslan can help you create a parenting plan that is in the best interest of your child and meets your unique needs.

Key elements of a parenting plan may include:

  • Residential schedule: This specifies when the child will be with each parent, including regular visitation, holidays, and vacations.
  • Decision-making authority: This determines which parent has the final say in making important decisions regarding the child's education, healthcare, religion, and extracurricular activities.
  • Communication and information sharing: This outlines how parents will communicate with each other and share information about the child's well-being and development.
  • Dispute resolution: This addresses how conflicts or disagreements between parents will be resolved, such as through mediation or court intervention.

Having a well-crafted parenting plan not only provides structure and stability for your child but also helps to minimize potential conflicts between parents. Our dedicated child custody attorneys are here to guide you through the process and advocate for the best interests of your children.

Contact The Law Office of Stephan E. Uslan today to schedule a consultation with a compassionate and knowledgeable child custody lawyer in Denver, Colorado. We are here to help you make the best decisions for your children and protect their well-being.

Is It Possible to Get Full Custody in Denver, Colorado?

While it is difficult, what is known as sole custody (or full custody) in other states may be granted in certain situations. 

In Denver, Colorado, full custody is typically only granted when one parent is considered “unfit" because of:

  • Substance abuse;
  • Mental health disorders;
  • Domestic violence/child abuse; and/or
  • Other circumstances that endanger the child.

If neither parent is unfit, then Denver courts will draft a plan that allows the child to spend as much time as possible with each parent. The reasoning is that the courts consider having a healthy relationship with each parent to be in the best interests of a child.

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A child Custody Attorney Dedicated to Protecting Your Children's Best Interests

You may have left your relationship a while ago and hoped that your informal parenting agreement would work, but currently find that the cooperation between you and the other parent has broken down. 

Or you may be a grandparent of a child who is in your care, but now the child’s parent is demanding that you return your grandchild even though you have concerns for the child’s safety. This can leave you with a lot of questions best answered by an experienced Denver child custody attorney.

Get The Help You Need To Make The Best Decisions For Your Children

Attorney Stephan E. Uslan will answer your questions and help you build a parenting plan, or modify an existing arrangement, that is in the best interest of your child surround Denver, Colorado. He will help you create a child support and custody agreement, factoring in alimony if appropriate. His goal is to make sure your children’s best interests are represented.

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Child Visitation FAQs

When Can Visitation Rights Be Denied?

According to Colorado custody laws, the custodial parent cannot deny visitation to the non-custodial parent when a custody order has been made. 

However, they can go to the court and request for visitation to be revoked or denied. This may be the case if the custodial parent believes and has evidence that the child is in danger.

Who Can File for Visitation Rights in Colorado?

According to C.R.S. § 19-1-117, a child’s grandparents and even their great-grandparents can file for visitation rights with the Colorado courts. 

While a previous stepparent can also request visitation in Colorado, gaining those rights can be tricky. Oftentimes that stepparent will need to provide substantial reasoning behind why they should have those rights. It’s best to consult with a qualified Denver visitation attorney who can provide you with the legal guidance necessary in your case.

What Is Supervised Visitation?

Supervised visitation involves a third party monitoring or supervising during the noncustodial parent’s visit with the child. 

Supervised parenting time typically is ordered in instances where the court finds that non-supervised visits could endanger the child. This may be the result of substance abuse problems, previous neglect or abandonment, as well as abusive or violent behavior. 

At What Age Can a Child Decide Which Parent to Live With in Co?

While there isn’t a set age limit of when a child can decide which parent to live with, the Colorado courts will take into consideration the wishes of the child. Often the courts will allow children at the age of 14 to provide input. However, ultimately the judge will make a final decision based upon what is in the best interest of the child.

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