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Serving Families With Complex Custody And Divorce Matters Throughout The Denver Metropolitan Area In Colorado

Is there a set standard for the best interest of a child?

Courts in Colorado and across the country use the best interest of the child standard to base child custody decisions on. This means that a judge will look at a variety of factors of both parents to understand in what arrangement the child will have the best possible life. Those factors will be determined by a number of issues that arise during the case, so they may look different to everyone. Read on to learn further about this standard used for child custody hearings.

Factors that a judge will look into

During a child custody case, a judge will look into a number of factors before making a decision. Although these factors can vary, many of them tend to be relied upon within many cases. For example, look at the age of the child involved. Age matters because if a child is very young, then they will need more care from the custodial parent. The judge must assess which parent is capable of providing that care.

Another factor includes consistency. This is looked into by the courts because judges want to minimize the child’s emotional stress as much as possible. Children have already gone through their parents divorcing, so forcing them to move away from friends, family and the location they know can add additional stress.

What a parent can show in court

Understandably, parents want to know what they can present to the courts to show that they will provide the best life for their child. Parents should provide evidence that they have been there for the child and have taken active steps to make their life better. For example, this means helping them get ready in the mornings, helping them with homework and simply being there for the difficult times in life such as a medical scare.

Even if you provide evidence of being the best parent for your child, it does not mean you’re going to have an easy trial. That is why it is crucial to obtain the services of an experienced attorney. An attorney may provide you with helpful legal advice to counter any accusations and obstacles thrown by your former spouse or the court.